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Deluxe Computer Bingo Calling System / Display Flashboard

A deluxe computerized bingo calling program that has an automated flasboard display. Just turn it on, hook it up to a video projector or a large screen video display, and you are ready to run a complete bingo operation. You just supply the bingo cards and players.

Special Features:
All in one click - bingo number chosen, large current number display, smaller last number display, and a flashboard display of all prior called numbers. Also, up to four separate winning bingo games can be displayed for each session, showing their name, status, and an actual image of what this combination lookes like.

Actual Screenshot:

Additional features: Pacing timer between number picks, number of balls called counter, a "New Game - Clear Your Boards" button. Many new pre-loaded game displays added. Also, the ability to call and display reverse numbers, wild cards, all odds, and all evens. Flashboard only feature (see below)

PRICE: $75.00 US

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Downloadable demo and operating instructions are now available.

(Some antivirus software may report this download as a virus. This has been checked and it is being reported as a "false positive". This means that although this download is safe, your antivirus program is mistakenly blocking it. If you are having any problems downloading this file, please contact me, with the name of the antivirus program that you use and any error messages, through my contact form HERE.)

''Download Bingo Caller Demo''

''Download Bingo Caller Instructions''

Please click HERE for the frequently asked questions page for Dee Dee Software Bingo.

Computer Bingo Flashboard

For those of you that still want to call bingo from a cage of balls, but want to display the results a whole lot better for everyone to see and enjoy, this is the package for you.

(Features are similar to the full version, but some minor differences. Downloadable demo combined into Bingo Caller listed above)

NEW VERSION with user editable Special Announcements Field

Actual Image:

PRICE: $60

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