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Deluxe Computer Bingo Calling System / Display Flashboard


Please click HERE for a complete set of operating instructions for Dee Dee Software Bingo. Please read through this as it may answer a lot of your questions and will also help show you the full capabilities of this software.

Frequently Asked Question # 1

QUESTION: I tried downloading my install program, but my virus checker program stopped me and says this is a virus?

ANSWER: Unfotunately, due to the current state of virus white lists and black lists, this does produce a "false positve" with some virus checker programs. It is advised to turn off any virus checking prior to the downloading and installation of this program. If you already did the download and tried installing this and ran into this issue, simply delete everything you downloaded, turn off your virus checker and start again from scratch.

Frequently Asked Question # 2

QUESTION: Can I setup my own personal games that are are not listed in the dropdown box?

ANSWER: Sorry, but that is not available with this program.

Frequently Asked Question # 3

QUESTION: I want to play 3 or 4 games with the same set of balls, without clearing the whole screen until the end. How do I do this?

ANSWER: Please click HERE for this detailed, step by step (with images), answer.

Frequently Asked Question # 4

QUESTION: Certain games do not require the calling of different columns of numbers, i.e. The Letter "X" does not need any "N" numbers to be called. Can you have the program skip over the numbers that are not needed for certain games?

ANSWER: As far as limiting the called balls to whatever the pattern needs, the answer to this is no unfortunately. There are a lot of states, and cities and towns even, that have bingo regulations in place that require all balls to be called irregardless of the bingo game/pattern being used. This requirement is in place so as to assure the players that all balls are actually in play and nothing illegal is going on that may influence the outcome of the game.

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